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Hello Ward 9 Friends and Neighbours,

I never dreamt of being a politician.

In fact, I’m not affiliated with any party, supported by any think-tank or backed by any one industry. I simply made the decision to run for politics after being frustrated by my dealings with City Hall.

Before politics, in my career as an urban designer and a community volunteer (Greater Forest Lawn, Inglewood, Sunalta), I worked with residents to help them create plans for the future of their neighbourhoods. When these community-led plans went to City Hall—they were often road-blocked, for no reason at all.

So I decided to change things from the inside and for the past seven years I’ve had the honour of serving you as Ward 9 City Councillor.

We’ve accomplished a great deal together, including:

  • Securing funding for:
    • The much-needed Glenmore interchange at Ogden and Shepard Roads
    • Recreation centres and driving progress toward more
  • Pushing the funding progress for new transit lines such as the SETWAY, the North Central, and Central East Corridors
  • Improving traffic calming in many Ward 9 neighbourhoods to increase safety
  • Enhancing pathways to ensure accessibility and year-round use
  • Supporting local community groups (and the launching of new ones)
  • Leading the charge towards creating community gathering spots for residents and their families
  • Helping Ward 9’s flood victims dig out and advocating for their fair treatment
  • Close and collaborative work with residents, their community associations, the local BRZs and our neighbourhood institutions—the people who know what’s best for their communities!

I’m also proud of shifting City Hall from its old way of thinking. The old City Hall was all about enabling endless sprawl—and in turn committed us to an unsustainable course of ever-increasing taxation levels. I’ve rolled-up-my-sleeves to work with my colleagues on City Council, with Industry, and with civic groups towards a new, sustainable Calgary. I’m being critical about development, so we can begin to build a city that we CAN AFFORD.

I’ll admit it’s like trying to turn around a supertanker in the middle of a stormy sea—but with Ward 9 residents on-board, I’m on it.

So let’s keep turning this ship around.

Please re-elect me as your Ward 9 Councillor on October 16, 2017.

I love Ward 9. I grew up here. My wife Barb’s family’s from Ogden and Bowness. It’s where we have chosen to raise our family. It’s where my friends and my community partners are. It’s where the most passionate Calgarians live. It’s where you and I share a vision of better neighbourhoods. We are definitely in this together.

I am committed to helping shape a sustainable future for Ward 9, Calgary and Alberta.

I believe with all my might that the decisions you and I make in our neighbourhoods today will have a lasting impact on the path our city takes into the next century.

On October 16, 2017 vote for experience, knowledge and leadership by voting for me.

Many thanks,

p.s. Connect with me or my Team CARRA volunteers if you need anything (rides on election day, a sign for your lawn, more information on my vision for Ward 9). Feel free to drop by the Campaign HQ (9th & 9th SE) or call us at 587-351-3937