Let’s build a better world, one great neighbourhood at a time.

Dear Neighbours,

As anyone who’s heard me speak, read anything I’ve written or had the terrible luck of running into me at a cocktail party over the past seven years knows, I’ve had a pretty singular focus as the Councillor for Ward 9 on building Great Neighbourhoods. It’s a drum I’ve been beating since well before I became interested in municipal politics. Some might say to the point of obsession, for which I apologize (but only sort of). As my colleagues will attest, I’m a fairly passionate person in general and when it comes to neighbourhoods, well let’s just say the fervour runs deep.

GC_Intl_Ave_900.jpegIt runs so deep for me because I see the work we’re doing in Ward 9 and in our city as an integral piece of a larger whole. When we build Great Neighbourhoods, the kind that supports the lives of people from all ages, stages and wages, we are laying the foundation for a world that is vibrant, inclusive, and innovative.

Sadly, in many ways, this vision stands in stark contrast to the negativity, the fear, and the divisiveness that seems to be enveloping so many corners of this world today. It makes the work we’re doing here that much more important. Because as today’s headlines clearly show us, we can’t take our ideals for granted.

So I implore you, join me. Let’s work together to help create neighbourhoods where we strengthen and revel in the inclusionary project of being a Canadian, an Albertan, a Calgarian, and a great neighbour in our Great Neighbourhoods.

Thank you for your support,

Gian-Carlo Carra


Ward 9 is changing!

On Election Day, October 16, 2017, Ward 9 is adding eight communities to our constituency. A  big welcome to these new Ward 9 neighbourhoods:

  • Albert Park/Radisson Heights 
  • Applewood Park 
  • Erin Woods
  • Forest Heights 
  • Forest Lawn 
  • Penbrooke Meadows 
  • Red Carpet 
  • Southview

With these new neighbourhoods joining the Ward 9 neighbourhoods of Renfrew, Bridgeland-Riverside, Inglewood, Ramsay, Manchester, Fairview, Dover and Ogden, I hope to represent you—in an even more unified, vibrant and strong East Calgary.

Voting information

Election Day - OCTOBER 16!

On October 16, you are required to vote at your designated voting station. Polls will be open from 10 am - 8 pm.

Voting stations locations will be posted soon. Remember to take your ID (see this complete list of accepted identification).

Accessible voting

Find information on accessible voting here.