A Great City is Made of Great Neighbourhoods


The first pillar of my Great Neighbourhoods platform is:

1. A great city is made of Great Neighbourhoods: Transforming planning

I believe that a city is made of Great Neighbourhoods and to make Great Neighbourhoods we have to transform how City Hall plans our communities.

My goal is to build a city that:

  • Grows up vibrantly as it shifts away from sprawling (unsustainably) outwards.

  • A city of complete communities, for people of all ages, wages and stages. with diverse housing and employment options and thriving community spaces. A city of complete communities is where there is a critical mass of people, and housing, and employment options so that our neighbourhood schools are always full, our elderly can age in place, our young people can transition into productive adulthood without having to leave and all income levels are welcome in a vibrant public realm that is framed by a rich mix of housing options.

  • A city of vibrant neighbourhoods sitting along transit corridors interspersed amongst Calgary’s working and natural landscapes.

  • A city where driving is an option, but not the only option, and not even the preferred option.

  • A city where the physical habitat of our neighbourhoods nurtures the dense networks of connections that look after our most vulnerable neighbours and drive opportunity and innovation in arts, culture and business.

The challenge is in transforming the rules and regulations, processes and job descriptions, expectations and culture created by our municipal government that sets the stage for building our city.

Our City has proven that it is good at putting cul-de-sacs on farmer’s fields; it’s time to get amazingly good at enhancing and strengthening our existing neighbourhoods; and it’s time to build new vibrant neighbourhoods on the parking lots surrounding our transit stops, in the brown and grey fields of underproductive industry and commerce and, at the end of our transit corridors, on select green fields at our city’s edges.

My team’s success in achieving these goals are starting to be counted:

  • NextCITY, through the MainStreets program, the New and Developed Areas Guidebooks and a next-generation of community-involved, forward-looking Local Area Plans are transforming our planning and development processes and unlocking the potential of our neighbourhoods as engines of cultural and business vibrancy.

  • The Route Ahead, Calgary’s first ever strategic vision for transit, integrating a 30 year mobility plan with both land-use planning as well as a new focus on ever-improving customer service, is deeply changing the mobility opportunities for the neighbourhoods of Ward 9 with a fully funded GreenLine, SE17 Transitway and the 52nd Street and North and South Crosstown BRTs.

  • The Framework for Growth and Change has led to the end of the sprawl subsidy and an eyes-wide-open approach to planning and paying for new growth where, for the first time ever, decisions will not be political, but based on planning merit and total cost accounting financial considerations. 

Because of my Great Neighbourhoods approach and working with residents in the communities in which they live, Ward 9 Neighbourhoods are at the forefront of this transition, piloting new approaches to defining and achieving our development goals, integrating transit planning with neighbourhood redevelopment and forging collaborative relationships between our communities, our civil servants and the developers who build our neighbourhoods.

Let’s keep the work of Great Neighbourhoods moving ahead! Please vote for me on October 16!  

Thanks for your support,