Accessibility in our Great Neighbourhoods


Great Neighbourhoods include people of all abilities, ages, stages and wages. 

I believe that a city of Great Neighbourhoods is where there is a critical mass of people, a rich mix of housing and employment options, where our neighbourhood schools are full and our elderly can age in place. Great Neighbourhoods are where our young people can transition into productive adulthood without having to leave and all income levels are welcome in a vibrant public realm.

I have always believed that Great Neighbourhoods are places that build community and nurture all of its residents.

To do this we need to transform City Hall’s  rules and regulations, processes and job descriptions, expectations and culture.

And we’re doing that work right now. I’m leading the transformation of building a city that works for people of all abilities. Some of these include:

·      Providing accessible buses and C-Trains.

·      Ensuring Access Calgary meets the needs of its users.

·      Improving and updating Access Design Standards to improve accessibility into city-owned and leased buildings.

·      Supporting the work of the Advisory Committee on Accessibility to listen and address the accessibility concerns of Calgarians.

Accessibility is important to me and I’m glad that my Ward 9 neighbours find it just as important. With guidance, direction and collaboration with individuals and a variety of advocacy groups, we’ve been able to do some great things, make significant adjustments to current policy and make sure that our city and services are planned with all Calgarians in mind.

If accessibility in Calgary is as important to you as it to me, please Vote for Great Neighbourhoods and Vote Carra on October 16.

Thank you for your support,

Gian-Carlo Carra