I believe that a thriving arts and culture sector is vital to our economic recovery and our best future.

If re-elected, I am committed to advocating for the following

  • Maintaining the funding for Arts organizations that we established in the previous term (which nearly doubled our previous commitment) and depoliticizing this commitment so it is a business process that is:
    • Benchmarked against our peers (so we maintain our leadership position in Arts funding among other Canadian cities). 
    • Indexed against inflation (so it maintains its impact in supporting our arts and culture sector).
  • Funding the Eventful City Strategy, which is designed to streamline the City of Calgary’s ability to bring arts, culture, festivals and events, big and small, to Calgarians in every corner of the city. 
  • Developing a major outdoor festival venue in the form of a regional park in Millican-Ogden, which will be easily accessible through the Green Line. 
  • Establishing the Parks, Recreation, and Culture Fund as part of the City of Calgary’s commitment to generational investment. This fund will help to develop new East Calgary ‘next-gen’ recreation spaces with cultural centres in the communities of Greater Forest Lawn and Renfrew.
  • Beginning to plan and fund the second phase of the Arts Commons revitalization project.


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