Childcare in our Great Neighbourhoods


Childcare and access to childcare are essential to Great Neighbourhoods. I believe this is important to the quality of life of East Calgary residents and I’ve taken steps to make The City take childcare more seriously. Recently, I brought a Notice of Motion that looked specifically at city-owned and operated social housing buildings in Manchester known as the Lumino site. The homes have a large population of young families who are economically challenged and need childcare. The Lumino buildings have space for childcare. However, at the time before the Notice of Motion, childcare couldn’t be provided because the land-use rules that allowed Lumino to be an affordable housing development didn't allow childcare - and that was absurd.

My Notice of Motion basically said, "Hey, you know the space that's designed for childcare? Let's make it legal." The other thing my Notice of Motion did was point out that the issue at the Lumino exists elsewhere in our city. We have a lot of city-owned housing and city-owned buildings where childcare could be permitted but is not allowed.

I was successful in getting childcare into Lumino. I was also successful in getting The City’s planning team to make childcare an allowable use throughout all appropriate city-owned properties (including housing and offices). I’m proud of this work as I believe childcare is essential to building Great Neighbourhoods.

Let’s continue working together to keep moving Calgary in a direction that moves for all of its citizens. If child care is important to you, I hope I can rely on your support on October 16 - Vote Carra!

Thank you for your support,

Gian-Carlo Carra