I believe we must recommit to the importance of democracy, open dialogue and collaborative decision-making if we are to rise together.

If re-elected, I am committed to advocating for the following:

  • Continuing to support the fundamental restructuring of City Hall into an organization focused on the delivery of a great city of great neighbourhoods through community-embedded, interdisciplinary teams of civil servants. 
  • Piloting a new multi-community, multi-stakeholder local governance framework in the communities of Greater Forest Lawn, as a first step towards overhauling Calgary’s community associations and supercharging grass-roots democracy.
  • Committing to the development and redevelopment of all publicly-owned buildings as a network of mixed-use Integrated Civic Facility Community Hubs offering as needed wrap-around social supports in every neighbourhood.
  • Striking a better balance between the City’s role as regulator, with opportunities to cut red tape and actively facilitate great outcomes for industry, communities and individuals. 
  • Embracing the City’s responsibility to pilot and facilitate the emergence of new markets and industries, in partnership with the private sector as we deliver increasing diversification of Calgary’s economy. 
  • Committing to a broad suite of improvements to our democratic processes to increase access and quality for all citizens, such as building upon our hybrid in-person/virtual system for all city engagements - including Council and Committee Hearings.


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