5 Pillars


Together, we’re making great changes to our Ward 9 landscape. We’re transforming it into a friendlier, more accessible, more vibrant place to work, play and live-in.

Ward 9 is on a magnificent trajectory. And this next term is about making sure that trajectory continues upward while ensuring that our neighbourhoods remain places for people of all ages, stages and wages.

The hard work we’ve been doing in Ward 9 needs a steady and experienced hand to continue to guide it and to set the stage for an even brighter future. It’s a tall order, but I’m eager to continue to fill it.

So let’s keep this momentum going, together. 

My slogan in the last campaign was Great Neighbourhoods make great cities. And that still stands - perhaps even more so today. 

Here are the pillars of my Great Neighbourhoods Platform. It’s what I will be focussed on over the next few years as your Ward 9 City Councillor.

The Great Neighbourhoods Platform:

1. A great city is made of Great NeighbourhoodsTransforming planning

2. Living in our neighbourhoods, together: Transforming the governance of our neighbourhoods, improving diversity

3. It's our city. It's our government. They’re our civil servants: Transforming City Hall

4. Building a city that pays for itself: Transforming taxation, connecting revenue with expenses

5. Taking control of our future: The Calgary Charter and a city government by, of and for people

On October 16 say yes to Great Neighbourhoods and Vote Carra!

Thank you for your support,


Gian-Carlo Carra