I believe upstream flood and drought mitigation is the single biggest investment we must make to ensure our city’s long-term prosperity. 

If re-elected, I am committed to advocating for the following: 

  • Ensuring the SR1 project on the Elbow River gets built as currently funded and approved. 
  • Working to make certain the Ghost Lake Reservoir expansion on the Bow River becomes an approved and funded project. 
  • Continuing to take an active leadership role on the Intergovernmental Affairs Committee on Council to ensure alignment between the City, the Region, the Province, and the Government of Canada regarding all upstream planning, approvals, funding and construction of flood and drought mitigation measures.
  • Continuing to identify, fund and build local flood protection interventions along the river, like the completed Inglewood Flood Protection Berm and the $20M flood protection project for the Calgary Zoo.
  • Continuing to advocate for better flood protection as required throughout Ward 9’s riverbanks, such as Beaver Dam Flats.


Watch Gian-Carlo's policy video on Upstream Flood & Drought Mitigation