Great Neighbourhoods Platform



Great Neighbourhoods make a Great East Calgary.


The focus of my life—through 10 years of professional practice in sustainable urban design, as a deeply committed volunteer in East Calgary’s communities, and over the last seven years at City Hall as Ward 9’s Councillor—has been all about our neighbourhoods.

In my first campaign, I ran on the platform of Neighbourhoods First—putting our Ward 9 communities and the people that live and work here at the forefront of what we do at City Hall. After three successful years of changing hearts and minds and beginning the process of overhauling our municipality’s rules, regulations and processes, I refined my focus to Great Neighbourhoods—a five-point transformation of the direction and structure of our municipal government.

At the centre of this work is the understanding that Great Neighbourhoods make a great city. I believe this idea has never been more important than it is today. As people fleeing hatred and strife look to Canada, and Calgary, as a beacon of safety and opportunity in a stormy world; as our city’s core industry - oil and gas - faces a structural change and the long-discussed ideal of economic diversification has become a pressing need on which our future survival and success depends; and as we realize, along with cities across North America, that the kind of city we’ve spent the last several decades building presents significant challenges to our environment, to our ability to care for one another effectively, to our health, and to our financial future—Great Neighbourhoods is a collective project of city-building that mitigates our existing risks and embraces the amazing opportunities that Calgary’s considerable strengths put within our reach.

As Calgary sits at these crossroads, I believe the neighbourhoods of East Calgary embody a different and better path forward. While our City has never been more diverse than it is today, too often people who come from the same backgrounds, who make the same amount of money, who believe the exact same things, choose to live apart from everyone else in their own cul-de-sacs and enclaves.

East Calgary is different.


In East Calgary, all the people of Calgary live together in diverse neighbourhoods, close to where we work and shop and learn and worship and play. It is in East Calgary that the community we build together will reflect the best promises of Great Neighbourhoods.

I’m extremely proud of the progress we’ve made towards Great Neighbourhoods over the last seven years and I’m deeply excited by the opportunity to continue this work representing a unified East Calgary within Ward 9. Please read about it here, where I will write frequently about what I stand for. Also, feel free to connect with me at

Thank you, 


Gian-Carlo Carra