Our City is at a crossroads. Let’s rise together and create our best future -- a city built on open dialogue, sustainability, equality, and justice.

In my last three terms as your Ward 9 City Councillor I have worked for:

Generational Investments: not simply building for the city we are, but for the city we want to become. This includes supporting the neighbourhoods of Ward 9 through upstream flood and drought mitigation, advocating for better transit including the Green Line and the International Ave dedicated transit way, and bringing forward transformative policies and programs focusing on diversity, gender equity, anti-racism and truth and reconciliation.

Dedicated Budgeting: a city’s values are found not in its policies, but in its budget. This includes tirelessly advocating for MainStreets funding, parks and recreational amenities throughout Ward 9, supporting active modes including bike lanes and multi-use pathways, investing in affordable housing for seniors and families and directing funding to social programs for the most vulnerable.

A Voice for Ward 9 and for Calgary: our city is complex and understanding how to support the needs of our Ward 9 neighbours and all Calgarians requires a strong voice. This includes standing up for Calgary on municipal tax reform, advocating for Ward 9 businesses as we weather the impacts of this global pandemic, supporting a regional planning agenda and developing a new model to revitalize our local community associations.

We must continue to put in the hard work (because great cities take work!). As we look toward our best future, we must keep building a city that is modeled on the success and diversity of Ward 9’s great neighbourhoods to ensure an economic and social recovery that is just, fair and for everyone.

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