In order to rise together, I believe we must increase the diversity and affordability of Calgary’s housing supply so that every Calgarian is ensured a great place to call home. 

If re-elected, I am committed to advocating for the following: 

  • Supporting local area plans that promote a diversity of housing options in every Ward 9 neighbourhood, from heritage preservation, through a variety of lower-density forms, to vibrant, transit-oriented town centres.
  • Removing regulatory barriers and reducing process timelines so the private sector is able to deliver an increased supply of diverse, market-based housing options. 
  • Continuing to support the not-for-profit sector in delivering a wide variety of affordable housing options through ongoing partnerships with other orders of government and continuing to make City of Calgary land available for purchase to these groups. 
  • Facilitating the conversion of lands owned by not-for-profit actors and communities of faith to include affordable housing opportunities, such as the new affordable family housing at the Ogden United Church. 
  • Developing a plan to deliver the 15,000 units of affordable housing required in Calgary.