Meet Gian-Carlo


My name is Gian-Carlo Carra and along with my wife Barb and my son Vance, I’m proud to call Ward 9 home.

My vision of Calgary is a sustainable, thriving, culturally rich network of great neighbourhoods.

Before becoming a member of City Council in 2010, I drove a school bus in Forest Lawn, served sandwiches at Spolumbo’s and coached outdoor sports. I also spent 10-years in professional practice as an award-winning urban design consultant, as a deeply engaged community advocate in East Calgary and as an academic involved in community-based action research. 

Today, my mission as an elected official remains the same: I will work relentlessly to be your voice, to use my leadership and professional skills to carry on with the task of transforming Calgary into a sustainably prosperous, democratically engaged and culturally vibrant city. 

I have our best future forever on my mind. This is my passion and my life’s work. 

I’m deeply proud of what we’ve accomplished over the last seven years and am more committed than ever to continue driving this important work forward for Ward 9. 

On October 16, I ask you to choose Great Neighbourhoods and vote for me.

Thank you for your support,


Gian-Carlo Carra