Pillar #3: Transforming City Hall


The third pillar of my Great Neighbourhoods platform is:

3. It's our city. It's our government: Transforming City Hall

I believe that a city is made of Great Neighbourhoods and those neighbourhoods need a City Hall that works for the citizens it serves.

Pillar #3 of the Great Neighbourhoods platform is about working with the municipal bureaucracy we have and transforming it into the one we need for Great Neighbourhoods.

My goal is:

  • Transforming our 15,000 municipal bureaucrats into interdisciplinary teams of front-line civil servants, embed them at the neighbourhood-level, to work closely with the citizens they serve and empower them to establish and achieve community-specific goals and master plans.

Our success towards achieving this goal is fully underway:

  • Community Services, our front-facing, on-the-ground civil servants, ranging from the Police Service and Fire Departments, through Bylaw and Parks, to Recreation, Culture and Neighbourhoods, have reorganized themselves into locally-oriented teams, reflecting the Great Neighbourhoods objective and establishing the framework for the reorganization of the rest of the City’s departments.

  • The Inspiring Strong Neighbourhoods pilot has evolved into the This Is My Neighborhood program where deeply embedded teams of civil servants are working collaboratively with residents to tailor City services to meet local needs and improve neighbourhood life (the Ward 9 communities of Dover and now Millican-Ogden are the first beneficiaries of this program).

  • Tomorrow’s Workplace Today is transforming the municipal workplace from a 9-5 cubicle farm, to a mobile, decentralized, adaptive civil workforce located anywhere there are citizens to serve.

  • The Integrated Facilities Planning Program is ensuring that, on a move forward basis, all city-owned buildings and facilities are mixed use community hubs that generate enough income to maintain themselves in perpetuity and free up volunteer time for community-building endeavours.

  • The Coordinated Safety Response Unit–bringing Fire, Police, Bylaw, Parks, Waste Management and the provincial Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods (SCAN) program together to address derelict properties, encampments and other point sources of social disorder and crime.

As the Chair of Community Services I’m deeply proud of how our most citizen-focused department is leading Calgary’s transformation towards a Great Neighbourhoods-focused organization.

This is work I feel passionate about--work that must continue and be guided by a steady, experienced hand.

Let’s keep our neighbourhoods moving in the right direction, please vote for me on October 16!

Thanks for your support,


Gian-Carlo Carra