5. Taking Control of Our Future


The fifth pillar of my Great Neighbourhoods platform is:

5. Taking Control Of Our Future: The Calgary Charter and a city government, by, of and for people

I believe that we need to take control our future. We can no longer subsist on handouts (of our own taxpayer dollars!) from other orders of government. I’ve been committed to the achievement of a new relationship with other orders of government, where there is an appreciation for and a real reinvestment in our City as an engine of our collective wealth.We’re farther along in this process than any Calgary government before and, over the next four years, we need to solidify Calgary’s Big City Charter to finally have a city government that is truly by, of and for our people.

My goal is a city that:

  • Has the capacity to fulfill its responsibilities to our citizens.
  • Has the predictable and sustainable revenue streams necessary to build the transit systems, recreation facilities, police and fire stations, libraries, community centres, parks and affordable housing that our citizens need.
  • Has the capacity to maintain and renew its aging infrastructure.
  • Doesn’t have to beg distant governments for permission on matters that impact our citizens.

Our success towards this goal - the dream of municipal governments in Alberta for over a century - has never been more in reach:

  • We are receiving unprecedented financial support from our provincial and federal partners in the critical areas of transit and affordable housing.

  • We have a signed Calgary City Charter with the province as of this September, 2017. It not only rebalances roles and responsibilities between Calgary and the province and commits to a new financial framework, but also does so within the context of an ongoing and meaningful partnership.

  • The province’s commitment to a coinciding overhaul of the Municipal Government Act is rolling out in the provincial legislature.

  • Our relationship with our regional partners and our ability to protect the working and natural landscapes and watershed in which Calgary is nestled, is being formalized this fall in the provincial legislature.

It is important that we achieve these goals, to thoughtfully build into the future these historic changes to enable and prevent special interests and forces of our unsustainable status quo from myopically reframing these critical issues as government “overreach” and/or as a “tax grab.”

Let’s keep this moving in the right direction, please vote for me on October 16!

Thanks for your support,


Gian-Carlo Carra