I believe that the continued vibrancy of our small business sector is essential to achieving Calgary’s best future.

If re-elected, I commit to advocating for the following: 

  • Continuing to support small businesses through pandemic interruptions.
  • Continuing to reduce and improve city regulatory processes with the goal of making Calgary the best place in Canada to open a small business. 
  • Continuing to adjust the share of the tax responsibility borne by small businesses and advocating for a generational overhaul of Calgary’s revenue collection system to ensure greater fairness for all taxpayers.
  • Continuing to pilot emerging market solutions and support commercial start-ups for Ward 9 entrepreneurs, from Maker Spaces, through the creation of the craft brewing industry and other agribusiness opportunities, the expansion of the film, technology, and creative industries to the development of alternative waste and energy innovations.
  • Establishing the MainStreets and TOD Fund and the Downtown Revitalization Fund as part of the City of Calgary’s commitment to generational investment to support our small business community.


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