Where to Vote

Voters are assigned a voting location. You can find your voting location by using the "Where Do I Vote" tool on the Elections Calgary website. Elections Calgary will also mail an information card with the voting location to your household.
Where Do I Vote

More information on where to vote can be found at

Accessible Voting

If you are a senior living in an assisted care facility, are in the hospital or are experiencing homelessness and use shelter facilities, voting stations will be available in several locations to serve you directly.

During the advance voting period or on election day, polling stations will have voter assist machines that allow accessible voting, including:

  • braille keypad
  • touch-screen ballot with adjustable font size
  • puff and sip,
  • audio recording of ballot, or
  • Paddle

You can also bring someone 18 or older to the voting station to help you vote or request an election worker help you mark your ballot. If it is hard to leave your vehicle, you can do a curbside vote.

Voting locations can be found at
Where Do I Vote

How to get to your voting station

Calgary Transit: Receive two free transit tickets to go to a voting station during the Advance Vote or on Election Day. You can collect your two free tickets as you exit the voting station.

Calgary Transit Access: Book up to four days before to go to your voting station with Calgary Transit Access.

Arrange a Ride: Reach out Gian-Carlo to help arrange a ride to your voting station.
Email [email protected]